Here at BUDZ BITEZ, we have been amazed by the benefits of CBD since starting to use the oil in 2016 but there was one big problem, we hated the taste of it!

So we had an idea. why not bake it into something that tastes great, like brownies. That idea worked so well that our friends and family started asking if we could make them some too. The demand for them started to grow and grow so we made the decision to start our own business selling CBD products, starting with brownies and expanding the range as we grow!

Our brownies are made by our own in-house baker who has over 35 years of experience in the baking industry! We use very high quality CBD from a trusted source and we make sure that every individual brownie sold contains a full daily dose of CBD. Unlike other products in the market, we clearly state the CBD contents in easy to understand terms.

We are open to making different CBD products, so if you have a favourite sweet or cake that you would like us to add some CBD to then just send us a message and we can work something out. 


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